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"Back to the story," she said. "The day I was flying out for re-union, I started ovulating for the first time since I went off the pill. My body, my emotions, went out of control. I spent the whole morning **bleep**ing Dalia and crying about how I didn't want to leave. At the airport, and later on the plane, I couldn't stop crying, except when I went into a bathroom to **bleep**. I felt like my whole body was screaming for a **bleep**. I started questioning how I could be a lesbian if I was feeling that way." Her hips were moving. She was grinding on me now. We both moaned this time. After a long shiver, she continued.
"When I got to Grandma's house...the whole family was just horrible. I was trying to keep it together. If you hadn't been there, I would have just died. You kept me together the whole weekend. You were ca, and sweet, and caring. You **bleep**ing fought for me, but then you became so gentle and caring after that. You centered me, you calmed me down. Just being there, your're so sweet and amazing and you don't even know it."

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