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API Find EndHosts related to DeviceID?

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Hi everyone,


I'm fairly new to the community/NetMRI/InfoBlox but I tried searching for what I need and I couldn't find anything.


I am writing an integration application and I managed to get my head around the API. What doesn't seem to work however (or at least I was not able to make it work) is searching within EndHostMacAddresses using DeviceID. 


I tried with find, search, even with op_ / val_ options, but didn't have any luck.. 


Is that even possible? The documentation suggests so. I am on version 3.3.0. 


Basically the idea is to get a list of all EndHosts connected to a particular device/switch. The same works for the Interface model (e.g. I can fetch information about all Ifs) but I don't seem to be able to do that with the Endhosts too.. 


Any piece of advise will be much appreciated & will be most welcome .



Re: API Find EndHosts related to DeviceID?

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Hi all,


me again.. 


I just thought I got this by checking/using the Neighbor model as for some devices this works quite well, but not for all. 


Can someone share his thoughts if / what does the Neighbor model contains exactly? 




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