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API Search regex for integer extensible attribute

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Hi guys,


i am trying to get a list of all networks that have VLAN ID to determine which VLAN ID would be next. However I am not able to build a valid regex with an integer.


A normal query for a VLAN gives me this output, so you can see the structure:



  <value type="object">
    <comment>some network</comment>
    <extattrs type="object">
       <tag0 name="VLAN ID" type="object">
         <value type="int">1</value>
There are many networks that doen have a VLAN ID. So I just want to query all networks which have one.
I tried:
and some other things but nothing works.
Is there any regex to get the wanted result from the api?
Further note:
If I do not use a = symbol the api will interprete it as part of the name the ea has. 
{ "Error": "AdmConProtoError: Unknown extensible attribute: VLAN ID>0", 
  "code": "Client.Ibap.Proto", 
  "text": "Unknown extensible attribute: VLAN ID>0"

Re: API Search regex for integer extensible attribute

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2 years later i encountered the same issue. I could solve it via regex search, which is availble in API v2.12.1.

Using Ansible so the API Call is abstracted:


   - name: get all networks with ea vlan
      ib_networks_with_vlan_ea: "{{ lookup('infoblox.nios_modules.nios_lookup', 'network', filter={'*VLAN~': '[0-9]+'}, return_fields=['comment', 'network', 'extattrs'], provider=nios_provider, wantlist=True) }}"
It should look like this (maybe needs to be urlencoded):



not using regex (\d+) since it is not supported: 

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