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API to condense A and Host Records

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Afternoon All,


I have limited knowledge with API's and have been trying to self teach.


I was wondering if it could be possible to have an API which could condense A and Host records to free up Database capacity.


Anyone tried it or have an idea if this could be possible?



Re: API to condense A and Host Records

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Hello Rybear,


I do not know if your problem is still existing.

I have imported several databases for a customer to an Infoblox Grid and I had the same problem. I got Host Records and Fixed Addresses and wanted to combine them. Because there was no solution from the infoblox support and the professional service I have decided to create my own python script to do this work and to repeat this after every new import process.

I have explained my problem in this thread:


Maybe it is also possible for you to solve your problem without the api. When you use the data import wizard (diw) the Infoblox appliance creates Host records by its own, if it is possible. So maybe it is also possible to export and import the data to get only host records. Maybe it is easier to change manipulate the exported csv file to get host records after the import process.


Best regards


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