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Find leases outside DHCP ranges

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I am involved in a DHCP migration from Windows to Infoblox and had written some basic scripts that query the WAPI to check all the devices given (in an input file) that have FA's, have aquired a lease from Infoblox.


All has been working well with this until the other day when we came across one IP that didn't have a lease in the database. Further looking at it and checkign the reporting server, it did reqeust and get an IP fine but this particular FA is outside a DHCP range to technically it doesnt have a lease.


I then thoiguht about if we can use the reporting function to search for an r-l-e entry for that ip but I can't seem to find any reporting WAPI options beyond checking reporting service status. There doesnt seem to be the ability to search syslog for a string on a member via the WAPI either but that would be of limited use since our DHCP server syslogs rotate fairly frequently.


Has anyone any ideas how we can tell if Infoblox has given an IP to a client with a FA thats outside a DHCP Range?





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