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Get domain-name-servers for a network

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 use the following curl to see the options for a network

curl -k -u USER -X GET "https://infoblox/wapi/v2.9.5/network?network="

I get the following output and I can see the "domain-name-servers"

        "options": [
                "name": "domain-name-servers", 
                "num": 6, 
                "use_option": true, 
                "value": "", 
                "vendor_class": "DHCP"

But for some network's "domain-name-servers" dont show up


When checking the WebUI I see this




I see the DNS servers under options but they are greyed out and it stated that they are "inherited from grid infoblox"


So how can I use the API to get these values?

Re: Get domain-name-servers for a network

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As far as I know, this cannot be done, even if you call the fileop object to export the CSV, it still does not show the inherited DHCP options.

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