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Get next available network without creating the network

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Hey all,


I'm trying to figure out how to get the next available subnet within a container without creating the subnet. In the documentation, the only 2 examples both create a subnet within the container. I have that code working as follows:


test_url = f"{infoblox_url}/wapi/v{wapi_ver}/network?_return_fields%2B=network,members&_return_as_object=1"

json_data = {
'network': f'func:nextavailablenetwork:{Net_Container},default,{CIDR}',
'network_view': 'default'

next_net_json = json.dumps(json_data)

response =, data=next_net_json, verify=False, timeout=5.0)

I've tried this as a GET instead of POST which doesn't work, and I've tried both next_available_network as well as the listed nextavailablenetwork. Not sure what the difference is, but only nextavailablenetwork returns a valid response, but creates the subnet. Also note {Net_Container} comes in the format "" and {CIDR} would come as "27".


Thank you.

Re: Get next available network without creating the network

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You want to get next available subnet without creating it. It's not a good option for it. 

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