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How to Choose the Best Automation Testing Tool

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Test automation tool selection is one of the most important steps before starting automation in any organization. 

It is important because the tool will greatly affect your whole automation effort. If the tool is good and gives you required features, the automation becomes easier and effective.

There are many criteria to consider while selecting the automation tool. Some of them I have discussed in one of my previous articles. Here I have listed down the most important aspects to consider while selecting the test automation tool.

Is Automated Testing a Solution for You?

I’ve worked on many projects in my career. When you work on the same project for more than one year you strongly start feeling a need for automating some tasks. testcomplete You start thinking to introduce automation testing on the project if it’s not been considered till now by project management.

One year is enough time for anyone to know the ins and outs of any project. Once you know the project functionality in detail it becomes easier to decide which repetitive tasks need to be automated.

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