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How to import Leaf Network column from Infoblox with Python API?

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I'm trying to import the network and some other fields to my database in SQL but only the values from the Leaf Network column are shown as NULL. I'm using a python script to do all the importing and I call the fields like this: 

answer = infoblox_query('network', {'_return_fields+': 'network,comment,extattrs', '*Status': 'Active'})

for network in answer:
    data = [network.get('comment'),
    network['extattrs'].get('SiteID', {}).get('value'),
    network['extattrs'].get('Site', {}).get('value'),
    network['extattrs'].get('Country', {}).get('value'),
    network['extattrs'].get('Status', {}).get('value'),
    network['extattrs'].get('VLAN', {}).get('value'),

    network['extattrs'].get('Leaf Network', {}).get('value')]


The other fields like SiteID, Site, Country,etc are working fine. So I don't know if there's another way to call the Leaf Network column or if I have to do it differently.


I hope you can help me, I have days dealing with this but without success.

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