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Infoblox 6.2 and Cisco ISE 3.1 Integration --> Outgoing Notification

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Hi all,

I am trying to understand if  it is possible, using the Ecosystem License and the Outbout Notification, to perform some actions.


Our scenario is the following: Having MACS on Hosts and fixedaddresses in Infoblox and having on them an Extensible Attribute specifying the ISE Identity Group, I would like to update the MAC on ISE side. To do this we would need to:

1. Get the ID of the Identity group querying ISE

2. Push the MAC with the Identity group id.


Is this kind of 'multi-step' operation possible with the Outbound Notification mechanism? Is it possible to 

1. read from the target system

2. elaborate data

3. push back the correct information?


Is there somewhere any kind of example (template)?


Thanks in advance,

Best Regards,


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