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is there an option to search all ip4 addresses with an specific Extensible

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we need to have a search option for all IPv4 address with a certain extensible attribute. I have tried this example which is in the infoblox_client readme:


def search_extensible_attribute(connection, place_to_check: str, extensible_attribute: str, value: str):
    Find extensible attributes.
    :param connection: Infoblox connection
    :param place_to_check: Can be `network`, `networkcontainer` or `record:host` and so on.
    :param extensible_attribute: Which extensible attribute to search for. Can be `CustomerCode`, `Location`
    and so on.
    :param value: The value you want to search for.
    :return: result
    extensible_args = [
            f"*{extensible_attribute}:~": value,
    kwargs = {
        'return_fields': [
    result = {"type": f"{place_to_check}", "objects": connection.get_object(*extensible_args, **kwargs)}
    return result

and this is working fine for "networks", or "record:host" type of objects but when I use it to search for "ipv4address"  I am gettin the following error:

Failed on object search with url https://<fqdn>/wapi/v2.11.2/ipv4address?%2AGROUPUUID%3A~=12345678-12345678-12345678&_return_fields%2B=extattrs&_paging=1&_return_as_object=1&_max_results=1000: b'{ "Error": "AdmConDataError: None (IBDataError: IB.Data:Search fields must contain a parent member or network view.)", \n "code": "Client.Ibap.Data", \n "text": "Search fields must contain a parent member or network view."\n}'

I also tried to include &network_view=<view> in the search but this gives this error:

{ "Error": "AdmConProtoError: When searching by network_view one of\"ip_address\\", \\"network\\" must also be searched on", \n "code": "Client.Ibap.Proto", \n "text": "When searching by network_view one of \\"ip_address\\", \\"network\\" must also be searched on"\n}'

any idea's if this type of search is possible with the infoblox_client?

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