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reset TTL value

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I am trying to "reset" ttl on the host object to "undef" after having set it to a valid value via the REST API in version 2.6.1.  The REST API does not accept any value other than a "valid" unsigned integer.  Any non-integer value results in a validation error from the REST API.  Such as: "Error": "AdmConProtoError: Invalid value for ttl: \"\": Must be integer type".  The REST API does allow the 'use_ttl' field to be reset to 'False', but doing so does NOT remove the 'ttl' value.  It remains set to an unsigned integer value and can be queried.


Anyone know of a way to reset the 'ttl' field value to 'undef' after it is set to a valid value?  We have used the PERL API in the past and that API allows this type of operation...

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