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Retrieving netMRI Job details log files

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2011     0

Hello Everyone!


I'm trying to retrieve netMRI Job details using its WAPI but I'm not sure why my request is giving me an error? Can someone please advise.


Here is the wapi call I found and I'm hoping it would have my answer 


Re: Retrieving netMRI Job details log files

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2012     0

I'm trying to do the same thing. Did you find an answer?

I get this error:

{"error": "general\/record_not_found", "message": "The job process cannot be found."}


Re: Retrieving netMRI Job details log files

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2012     0


I tried following and was able to get the complete job details provided job_id and device_id are given.


get_job_details = '/job_processes/stream_output.json?job_id='+job_id+'&device_id='+device_id+'&stream=session'


Hope it helps and sorry for replying this late. 

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