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Searching for ipv4address object using "types" field

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When I have a network (say, defined, I can search for all the IPaddresses in the network using this syntax.


https://host/wapi/v2.9/ipv4address?network=  The ipv4address object has a field called types which is a list.


I can narrow my list by specifying my types to a specific type, ex.  BULKHOST, PTR, NETWORK, etc.

Even though all the IPs in this network , have a type value, I *can* query by types=BULKHOST or types=NETWORK, BUT, searching by BROADCAST returns an empty object.   Why?


https://host/wapi/v2.9/ipv4address?network=  <-- works, gives me the first IP of the network


https://host/wapi/v2.9/ipv4address?network= <-- works, gives me all the IPs for the range that the BulkHost has been defined.


https://host/wapi/v2.9/ipv4address?network= <-- does NOT work.  This returns an empty object, even though the very last IP in this range ( has the value of BROADCAST in the types field.


Am I doing something wrong?  Can someone tell me how to circumvent this and get the Broadcast address?  Since this is already stored Infoblox, I just want to retrieve it without doing IP math to figure out what the Broadcast IP address is.


FYI:  I know that the values for types is casesensitive and the values have to be exact if I am not using the ":" operator. 

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