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Service Now integration with Infoblox DDI-ServiceNow orchestration

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I am looking for a Service now integration with Infoblox DDI for automating the change management for following work types done in infoblox


  • Add IP address
  • Create New host Record
  • DNS binding
  • Create Alias record
  • Add CNAME record
  • Interface description Update
  • Delete DNS Record
  • DNS record modification
  • Create TXT Record.


EXPECTED BEHAVIOR/to be required


ServiceNow Orchestration (Expectation)

ServiceNow orchestration is a specific application that automates simple to complex sets of activities and workflows on various IT components outside the ServiceNow base service. The orchestration system includes packs of activities that can be used to automate IT and business processes on standard operations.


A Catalog Item will be used as a front end for submitting a request for IPAM and DNS Management with an Application record within ServiceNow. The details to be associated like Subnet/Network/VLAN ID/DNS view/DNS Environment are contained within the same request.

On request approval, all the request details will be imported into the Standard Change and then an integration with Infoblox will be triggered to serve the request.


We need some workflows and services to be included in a catalog, mainly as examples of how the activities could be integrated and how dynamic forms could be created for enhancing user experience

The workflows can be bound to a service and exposed to the end user in a catalog for immediate ordering (e.g. an IP address to install a printer or a server). The activities could also be used in more complex workflows that bring orchestration value, like the provisioning of a complete application infrastructure in which IP networks, IP addresses and DNS records will be required. This allows full automation of the build process which is required in digital transformation

Re: Service Now integration with Infoblox DDI-ServiceNow orchestration

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Hello ichawl,


have you tried looking at the following ServiceNow integrations we offer?


this does a lot of what you are looking for.


however, it does not do everything. Infoblox does provide Professional services if you need to get the rest done quickly.


thank you,

Kevin Zettel

Re: Service Now integration with Infoblox DDI-ServiceNow orchestration

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Is there a way to pull in all Subnet Ranges from InfoBlox into ServiceNow (SN) CMDB/Discovery?  How can I tell if we own DDI or is that part of the base product for InfoBlox/Grid Manager?   We do a normal network SN Discovery.  My auditors are coming back asking how do you know you have all Move/Add/Changes/Deletes (MACD's) in your SN CMDB?    Maybe it can be done via a report in infoblox splunk and then run a compare?   I appreicate any input! 

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