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ServiceNow Spoke Integration

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Hello. We’ve been working to try to use the Infoblox Spoke for ServiceNow IntegrationHub to help us automate one of our processes. The specific use case process is to let our users request Static IP Reservations and to automate the backend reservation step. During development of the flow, we found that there don’t seem to be actions or options to do a lookup of an IP address, add a static IP reservation, or restart the service. Is the solution just do to a custom API call in ServiceNow? Seems odd that restarting the service is missing from the spoke, as it is required for any changes to take effect.

Re: ServiceNow Spoke Integration

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Hello , i am aslo member of the community since last 4 years but this my new account so can trust my answer,

Custom API Call: As you mentioned, you can make use of ServiceNow's capability to make custom API calls. You can create a custom integration with the Infoblox API and utilize the required endpoints to perform IP address lookup, add static IP reservations, or restart the service. This allows you to have more control and flexibility over the integration process.

Infoblox API Integration: You can directly integrate ServiceNow with the Infoblox API without using the Infoblox Spoke for ServiceNow IntegrationHub. This approach enables you to leverage the full range of Infoblox API capabilities, including IP address lookup, reservation management, and service restarts. You can develop custom workflows or scripts within ServiceNow to interact with the Infoblox API.

Extend the IntegrationHub Spoke: If you have development capabilities, you can extend the functionalities of the Infoblox Spoke for ServiceNow IntegrationHub by creating custom actions or modifying existing actions. This requires familiarity with the ServiceNow IntegrationHub and the ability to work with JavaScript and ServiceNow APIs.


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