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ANSIBLE - Next Available Address Block , no option for adding Tags

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Hi All,


Is there really no options on adding Tags when using Next Available Address Block module? I might wrong on using the example playbook.

There is no option on adding tags based on example of creating next-available address blocks. Tried adding tags on below script, but to no avail.


- hosts: localhost
connection: local
- infoblox.b1ddi_modules

- host: "{{ Host server to connect to }}"
- api: "{{ api key to access the server }}"

# Create a Address Block in a given IP space using next_available_address_block
- name: Create Address Block using next-available subnet
space: "qa-space-1"
address: '{"next_available_address_block": {"cidr": "28", "count": "5", "parent_block": ""}}'
name: "qa-nextAvailable"
comment: "Created by QA using nextavailable"

- "Org": "Infoblox"
- "Dept": "Engineering"
api_key: "{{ api }}"
host: "{{ host }}"
state: present

I don't see the tags are being added when looking at the function "next_available_address_block" on module



On function create_address_block, I see the tags are being added as part of the payload.

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