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How to create test events in Tosca

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I have test cases and want to run in CMD. For this I need to have a configuration xml file. I want to create test event in Tosca commander. But am not finding the option. Please help

Re: How to create test events in Tosca

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Hello Friend,


Follow the below steps.

Creating a Test Configuration in Tosca Commander:

  • Open Tosca Commander.
  • Navigate to the module where your test cases reside (e.g., TestCases folder).
  • Right-click on the module and select "New" or use the support toolbar to create a new item.

Configuring Test Events:

  • Once you've created the test configuration, you can add your test cases or events to it.
  • This might involve selecting the specific test cases you want to include in this configuration.

Running Test Cases via Command Prompt (CMD):

  • Once you have the XML configuration file, you can use Tosca's command line interface (CLI) or Tosca's executable file in the CMD to execute the tests.


Hope this may helps you.

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