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Do you have a great idea for a Bloxfest session? Submit your ideas here!

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Do you have a great topic you'd like to discuss at Bloxfest and with other customers?  Want to potentially be the speaker of a particular session (possibly discuss some of the great, little-known features within the product)?


Then here's your chance!  Post a comment here with your session idea, and we'll keep an eye on the +1 (kudos) people give your idea.  Additionally, we'll give you the option of running the track during the conference.


Please submit your ideas as comments to this thread, rather than creating new threads with new track ideas.


Thank you, and let the ideas begin!




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Re: Do you have a great idea for a Bloxfest session? Submit your ideas here!

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Ok so I've been having a think about this and wondering whether it would be appropriate for me to

publicise an Infoblox "add-on" at Bloxfest that we are currently developing....


DRAS (Disaster Recovery App Switcher) is designed to help organisations perform business continuity testing and invoke D/R plans by automating the switching of multiple DNS records.


It sounds trivial, but when you are tasked with manually altering hundreds of CNAME's or A records, something like this tool can easily save many man hours of work and also eliminate typos and errors. It also empowers application owners with the ability to switch their own apps rather than relying on a DNS administrator.


We have a basic description on our site here, but we'll be updating the page with screen shots and more info when the product is ready for launch (GA is scheduled for early February).


If acceptable, I would propose a 20-30 minute talk about the challenges organisations face when attempting to perform D/R switches, some ideas for the topic might be:


  • Types of organisations that are affected by regulations mandating regular D/R tests
  • How do you plan for D/R? Automated (e.g Infoblox DTC or GSS/GTM) vs manual methods
  • How do you set up DNS for D/R - DTC LBDNs vs A records vs CNAMEs vs delegations to load balancers etc.
  • The impact of TTL's on D/R changes and non-authoritative servers
  • What steps are involved making D/R DNS changes manually?
  • How can DRAS help - product overview and demo
  • Q&A, garner audience feedback
  • Quick note about other development projects we are working on and final wrap up

This is just a suggestion, but I would be happy to talk on this subject if Infoblox thought it was suitable and granted me permission to promote DRAS to the audience.






Paul Roberts
PCN (UK) Ltd

All opinions expressed are my own and not representative of PCN Inc./PCN (UK) Ltd. E&OE

Re: Do you have a great idea for a Bloxfest session? Submit your ideas here!

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UC San Diego has a very heterogenous network environment and while we have Centralized IT, Health Systems, individual departments, colleges, and business units all have IT professionals that support local networks and need IPAM services. UCSD has a very large address space, we have a robust Active Directory environment, many DNS zones, several wireless SSIDs, and a both Dynamic addressing and static reservations. All of this is now managed with our Infoblox implemetation as of October 2015. Our community of 100+ System Administrators share the IPAM system, along with Central IT Services, to manage the campus' subnets and end-user hosts, all while not negatively affecting one another. We've done it with some creative use of AD Groups and permissions in Infoblox.


I would have loved to hear about a complex setup like we have here at UCSD, supporting a major research institution securely. I'm willing to talk about it.


Alex Del Rio is our sales rep.

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