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How to Replace B1DDI Appliances

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Hi All,

Understand if using BloxOne appliance the serial number of the BloxOne hw appliance is associated with CSP account and automatically uploaded to BloxOne DDI and the appliance is visible through the Cloud Services Portal.



- If the hw appliance faulty, how do we proceed for the replacement? How to associate the serial number, any license need to be transfer?
- Is there any KB can share how to proceed with this?


Many thanks.

Re: How to Replace B1DDI Appliances

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If the BloxOne hardware (B1-105 or B1-212) is faulty, you will need to open a support ticket to get a replacment issued. Be aware that those hardware appliances only come with 12 months warrenty. If your company purchased the hardware over a year ago, you will need to buy new hardware.


If you get an RMA the new serial should be added automatically to the support portal and you can then swap them over in the config using : Manage > Infrastructure > Hosts > [select the faulty host] > Host Actions > Replace.


If you are using a Dell VEP that was purchased seperately, then you need to raise an RMA case directly with Dell. Once the replacement is shipped, you can load the BloxOne image as per the documentation, add it to your CSP account and then swap over the hardware as above.

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