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Where is the NIOS Grid Connector?

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There are on-prem physical NIOS appliances.


I want to turn on the NIOS Grid Connector so the config will be synced with CSP cloud.

The interface has changed from this video (and documentation I found)


  1. Appliances are added to the CSP cloud per device (not on grid level)
    1. Appiances are online and say CNIOS device. (which is correct)
    2. I dont have a NIOS Grid Connector under the Services tab either. I do have DFP, MS AD sync, Data connector, RIP/OSPF routering there.

I dont have this in the CSP:


    Applications & Services: Click Add to associate licenses and services with the host or click Remove to delete the entry.
        SERVICES: Toggle NIOS Grid Connector to Enabled.


Re: Where is the NIOS Grid Connector?

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Its a license thing. The NIOS Grid Connector is only available in BloxOne DDI not for BloxOne Threat Defense. 

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