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DNS Cache Size

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Hi Champs,


I want to check the Cache Size of Infoblox 4030 , any way to check this and how to monitor its utilization..

and what it refresh period for cache and how it works.

Would be thankful if get any document of that..


Re: DNS Cache Size

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You can check for the cache size using the below commad: show recursion_cache_size. 


A DNS server caching a record will return the TTL after reducing the time the record was cached by the server. If the Original TTL of the record is X seconds and a query is received after y seconds of caching, the caching server will return a TTL of (x-y)

Re: DNS Cache Size

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Sorry for replying on an old topic, but that command doesn't give me any output. It also didn't gave me any error so the command is good I guess, but why doesn't it show any output ?

I want to see the cache size of a virtual Infoblox member V1425 (Nios 8.4.8).

Does anyone has any numbers for this device ?
Also does anyone know how I can see what the amount of cache size usage is currently and over time ? Is there any reporting dashboard for that ? 
I know there is a cache hit ration, but that is not what I am looking for. I need to know how much percentage of the cache size is in use, preferably selectable in real time and over a period of time





Re: DNS Cache Size

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Hello Stefan,


It will show you the values only if you explicitly define the cache size first.


set recursion_cache_size <view name> <size>

show recursion_cache_size

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