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Forum for Infoblox DDI en NetMRI users

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Can there be made forums for user with the Infoblox DDI en NetMRI appliances. This to be able to talk about scripting and problems before sending the to Infoblox. Would love to be able to a area for starter problems on DDI en NetMRI appliances.

Hi Niels,

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Hi Niels,

Great question!  Such groups exist within the community but you have to be vetted in as a customer, partner, prospect or Infoblox employee to access.  

When you request an account with Infoblox Community, you automatically gain access to the public zone of the community, with:

- the Lounge to post general questions,

- the IPAM Express group for questions or resources related to that specific product, 

- and the Eval group for all questions related to product evaluations.

The account requests are monitored by the Infoblox Community team, and once the relationship user/Infoblox (whether it is customer, partner, etc) is valited, that user is vetted in and has access to the Infoblox product groups, resources, etc.

User account requests are usually vetted in within 24 hours.

Hope this clarifies!

Christine - Infoblox Community Manager

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