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Infoblox Customer tag

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How can i get the infoblox customer tag added to my account ? Used my work account which is also my CIST account

Hi Niels,

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Hi Niels,

This is an action for the Infoblox Community team.

By providing us with your corporate email address, we can verify your relationship with Infoblox and then assign you with the appropriate tag.  This is all done after you request your account and within 24 hours of the request (it may take a bit longer if you request comes in over the weekend). 

Hope this answers your question!

Christine - Infoblox Community Manager

I see it wasnt clear from the

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I see it wasnt clear from the forums them selfs how you could get the badge.

I there a overview page for all the badges ? and are there badges for education (CICA,CICE,CIST etc.)

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