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How to discover all DHCP scopes containing a specific IP address in one of the string options

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I need to identify all scope strings that contain a specific IP address within a VoIP string.  The IP address is used in a string for Avaya VoIP options, and the server’s IP address has been changed.

This address in some scopes’ strings has been manually changed, while some scopes strings have not yet been changed.

This IP address in the string is set on a per-scope basis—not globally.

Is there a method to use an Infoblox reporting or discovery feature to list each scope that contains the offending IP address within a DHCP option string?

Better still, is there a method of changing all of the offending IP addresses in these strings simultaneously?


Hi Richard,

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Hi Richard,

Thank you for the intriguing question.  Please know I've reached out to a few folks internally, and you ought to be hearing soon.


Hi Richard,

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Hi Richard,

You can use the API to export a listing of all networks and scopes/ranges to find this option data as well as make the changes. If the option string happens to be defined at the network level rather than the scope/range you could actually just run an export from the GUI using in CSV import format. Then find/change all of the IP addresses and leverage the file for an import to make the changes. Currently the CSV export only allows you to export all of the networks but you would have to drill into each network to individually export scopes which could be time consuming. 

Hopefully that provides you with some options!





Steve S.

API not needed

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The Support team helped me with this a few months ago, API not needed. From the Data Mangement DHCP view, export data (all DHCP scopes) in Infoblox CSV import format. Then use Excel to sort / search / filter for the specific address.

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