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Ipam does not show Dns-info

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Im having a hard time figuring out how to make Dns name's appear in Ipam (we use MS dns and Infoblox only for dhcp and Ipam). Ipam only discovers Netbios names. NetMri DOES discover DNS-info, but it does not sync this with/to the Ipam. Its a major problem, that Dns names (like from the NetMri or by discover from Ipam itself) is not shown in Ipam. Is there any solution to this?

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Hi Jan,

I'm sorry things aren't working as needed at the moment,

To see MS based DNS data in IPAM, please check to see if the MS IPAM sync function is enabled and correctly configured on your Grid, or that a Grid member is configured to be a DNS secondary.  (in the latter case, DNS administration is read only on the remote MS server through Infoblox, and there may be a delay in IPAM DNS updates)  I hope that helps?  -Phil

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My challenge is to have NetMri hand over Dns info to Ipam. I dont bellieve, that has to do with MS-sync setting in Ipam (?)



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