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Hi all Our ASAa presents its own Mac-adresse for VPN clients so we cant fix a V...
I raised a case at Infoblox on exactly that. The answer is as FHecker descibes, that only change's in the database makes "test" possible.
In PDNS, we have modified NTP server IP with 10.X.X.X. after modifing it is not able to sync with UTC. Please sugguet that after config weather we need to enable anything?
There is no defined limit and it is an object count limit. You can look at the capacity report and it can tell you how much space you have left.
Thank you TT for taking the time to answer. I created a ticket by Infoblox, who told me exactly that. Btw the Dhcp config is viewed in "Dhcp/Members/ (right bar). Hope this will come in handy for future similar questions. /JanV
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Hello Paulo, How to deny lease based on vendor OUI? Based on your write-up, I could block individual mac-address. Thank you for the article. Regards Joe
@soniachadha20 wrote: Hi, We are experiencing the similar kind of issues with A...
Thank you sir ! /Jan Vejling
Thanks a lot Unfortunately the threshold disabled scope, still shows up in red on the dashboard. I will try to send a request for change to Infoblox... /Vejling - Denmark

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