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Visio Export Tool ver 1.2

A new version of the Visio Export Tool for Network Automation 6.6.0 and later releases has been released and is now posted to the Support site.  It is available from the Downloads page in the "Network Automation (and NetMRI) > Latest Product Versions > Network Automation 6.7.3" section.

The tool is a standalone software program that runs on Windows PCs to provide export of Network Automation graphical topology maps to the widely-supported Visio file format.  It allows you to adapt and convert complex topology diagrams from the Network Insight > Topology page to the Visio graphics file format for use in presentation and documentation projects.  You can also export complex topology maps with highlights of specific network paths or other elements in the topology.

Visio topology export now allows displays of additional device and interface information in an exported topology file. You may choose to show the following data in a topology diagram:

  • Device model names (7206VXR, for example). 
  • Connected port names (Gi0/1, for example). 
  • Device IP Addresses -- IP addresses associated with each device in the topology diagram. 

Full details are included in the Release Notes and User Guide that are posted along with the application on the Support site.

‎02-25-2014 03:28 AM


In NetMri i have defined a group and added $IPAddress in [] and $Vendor != "Aruba"

When i export this group with default settings in "Aggregate" view (with Visio export tool) it works fine. If i add "Show connected ports" i get VisioNetMRI.UI stopped working. I have updated Java and tried restarting. No luck.

Please heltp me out, as i would really like to get this utility to work.

/Jan Denmark


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