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@braj wrote: Hello, The same EOL applies to IB-1425 and IB-2225 as well since I...
You can choose any criteria that you want. That was simply an example to give you an idea on how to construct your query.
At a minimum, NI using Traceroute, SNMP, and CLI. You can optionally turn on TCP scanning (NMAP), NetBIOS scans, and Smart and Raw ping sweeps. A Smart ping sweep only sweeps if an IP has not been found in a discovered subnet.
OK, the Data Management -> IPAM path seemed to get me there. Thanks!
Dave, thanks for the pointer on that Dashboard, but it doesn't seem as though I...
Yes, a standalone NI appliance acts as Consolidator and Probe. However, once you have more than one NI appliance meaning you're going to distributed Consolidator and Probe model, then no, your Consolidator cannot also act like a Probe.
You can use python with the following example to make a call to your assest sys...
To add to this the out of the box report "Network Inventory" shows you the Utilization % of IP addresses within each subnet.
Other useful out of the box reports to add to this are: "IPAMv4 Device Networks...
Sorry for the late reply. If the issue is still persisting, it seems like the best option would be to open a case with Support so that they can troubleshoot the issue. Regards,

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