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NIOS 8.4 Known General Issues

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Hi All


In NIOS 8.4.x (at least 8.4.3 and 8.4.4), in the 'Known General Issues' section there is NIOS 67913 that says: "NIOS protocol performance shows up to 30% drops in the IB-4020, IB-4010, IB-2220, IB-2210, IB-1420, IB-1410, and IB-820 appliances."


Can somebody explain what this means? Does the appliance drop 30% of DNS/DHCP packets?

Does it mean we should not deploy 8.4.x on 'old' hardware? (still supported until feb 15 2021) 


Regards, Harry

Re: NIOS 8.4 Known General Issues

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Re: NIOS 8.4 Known General Issues

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Hi Harry,
Even though performance fluctuates a little with each release of NIOS, all the performance numbers are greater than the published speeds.  With each release a battery of different query types are performance tested to determine a calculated max.  Some query types improve in performance and some decrease on an appliance by appliance basis.  30% decrease was the lower limit we saw for one query type on one of the appliances so this is worst case but again, still higher than published.  So, no, it does not mean that 30% of packets are dropped, it means that the max dropped by 30% (although still higher than published) and if you do hit the query max, we queue queries, we don't drop them.
When/if you move to the x5 appliances, you'll see significant gains.  Minimum of 50% increase but again published is lower than actual.
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