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Thanks! I'll downgrade and give it a go.
Hello, Of course we demote the Domain controller properly, but the case that I ...
If you've migrated from Microsoft to Infoblox, and the MS servers are no longer being used, then you need to make Infoblox authoritative. I'd turn it on ASAP before you start having serious problems.
Hi, From my understanding that notify message will appear on the log if we conf...
Thanks, Piotr! I totally forgot about the agents; I'll add that to the other po...
In that case I think you should ask them to provide the list of records that they believe aren't being removed, we might find that they belong to another application that is unrelated to dcpromo. Do you have the list?
Hi, Actually these are the detail of the logs: 2020-08-13T00:34:10+07:00 daemon...
Hi, You can actually use import zone feature in Infoblox. but you need to enable allow transfer from the bluecat side. it is more simple than using DIW
Hi, Simply change the network setting on that node. change the type member from High Availability Pair to Standalone member
Hi thanks to clarify, From the step that you mention, i can see that you will r...