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Hi, For HA Pair, at least you need the NIOS license only. you dont need grid license if for stand alone HA Pair.
Hi, using csv import. using action delete. thx
Hi, Here some step that you could follow: 1. disjoin that member from the grid ...
Hi, Could you share how did you disable that delegation records? May be we could start from that to trace the causes BR
Thank you all for your support, upgraded successfully from v8.0.6 to 8.4.8 dire...
Hi Eric, I've just try to change my avatar, but seems need to be approved. how long will it takes to be approved?
Hi, yes you are correct that the proxy (relay agent) always listen to port 67. ...
Hi, I usually use the latest general maintenance version which is 8.3.8. and you can upgrade directly from your current version. please check on the release notes for the upgrade guidelines.
But before downgrade, it is strongly recommended to backup the grid database. just in case your configuration in existing NIOS lost when you do revert to lower version.
Hi, Could you check the logs before it said time out? i'm worry that there's some record that are not allow to be transfer to Infoblox from Bind. e.g wildcard NS records or other uncommon format of records.