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Hi, In short, yes it has. but it will depends on which TE version you use as grid master, each TE version has its max grid member that it could handle, you need to talk with your local representative about this Thanks
Hi, Reserve means im not going to lease out this ip to client -- future used --, while fix means i will lease this ip to specifig mac address or specifig client identifier or specifig dhcp relay circuit id Thanks
Hi, i assume you'll need on premise solution. you can check either of : - Bloxo...
Hello There, You can use an Infoblox grid master or any members(Except reportin...
This is exactly it, thank you! It's good to know the cause. Unfortunately, when our grid was initially set up, the default view was used for public facing zones, not internal, which has caused (is causing) other pains...
Hi, after checking with support as well, yes, it seems to be the case indeed that REFUSED responses are part of the Failre metric. A bit misleading I must say, but at least it is there if you know where you'll have to look for it exactly.
if the case is your license expired than you need to renew your reporting licen...
basically those reports category those can be retrieved from below data source: index=ib_dns_capture sourcetype=ib:dns:capture, but it needs to be configured with infoblox data connector if i'm not mistaken.
As a point of reference, Umbrella utilized DNSCrypt for secure DNS traffic. The Umbrella DNS server will except DNSSec and handle it just fine. TCP or UDP port 443 for protocol transfers.
So I had to do a tcpdump and using a scratch account and unencrypted connection...

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