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Thoughts on the new support portal

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There is a standard named ISO 8061, covering the exchange of date and time-related data. It states that the correct formatting of a date is YYYY-MM-DD, e.g. 2013-12-12.

In the new support portal, case numbers are now formatted as YYMMDD-XXXXXX, where the old case numbering was YYYYMMDDXXXX (where XXXXXX and XXXX are serial numbers).

But also in the new portal, there are two columns with "Created" and "Updated". In these columns, the dates are formatted as MM/DD/YYYY - which to my knowledge is used exclusively in the USA.

Could you please stick to one date formatting standard, preferably one that is globally accepted?

Regards /Uffe

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Uffe --

Thanks for the feedback. I've sent this along to the product manager who takes care of the support portal.


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