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use a specific user

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Hello, I developed a web application using perl api Infoblox (v6.8). So far, I accessed the box as admin and it works. For added security, I want to create a specific user "api-user" who have the rules to use only API. So I created a group with the only role "DHCP-admin". Testing my aplication with this new user, I can't create new session. Do you have an idea for how to declare my user properly and create a session with? Thank you in advance

Your group must have "Allowed Interfaces: API" box checked

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For a non-superuser user to use the API, they must be granted special permission; this permission is associated with the group that the user is a member of. Go to the "Administration" -> "Administrators" -> "Groups" page, select the group that you just created (the one with the "DHCP-Admin" role), and edit it. Select the "Roles" tab (on the left) and then look for "Allowed Interfaces". For a user in this group to be able to use the API you must check the "API" checkbox. (If this group is only for API use then you can leave the "GUI" checkbox unchecked; then users in this group will not be able to login via the web interface.) Then click "Save and Close" to save the change to the group.

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