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I haven't had the opportunity to post in this forum for a while, so maybe this ...
next_available_network works on network containers. Once the parent network is converted to a network container, you have to do the call on the new container, not on the old network that no longer exists.
@FHecker I am getting an error, file not found, when I try to run your script. I've confirmed that I have all of the modules installed and that the script is executable. Can you assist with some troubleshooting? Rodney
@MikeAJ wrote: Quick question, how do you load an existing IBconfig when you st...
Hello, - If a client does not expire its lease or release it before aquiring a ...
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Please post new questions in a new thread. This one is four years old! Get unix...
Hi, Could you please add the header content-type and try again? Sample call: cu...
Did you ever get a response to this question? I had the very same issue myself ...
Hi Techies, is it possible to use "next available IP address " in CSV import, if so how to do that ? Because everytime I have to give IP address manually in the CSV file!! thanks

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