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Hi can anyone tell what is wapi version for NIOS 7.3.4 is it 2.3?. Also is it possible to have NIOS 7.3 with wapi 1.4.3 or so?
Can we call out InfoBlox REST API (WAPI) as session based instead of username a...
For the rest api it comes down to what are you hoping to get. For example to get the read string of an SNMP DeviceID of 1 it's https://netmri_ip/api/2.9/devices/DeviceCommunity?DeviceID=1 you replace th netmri_ip with your server ip address.
Great Prateek, glad you got it resolved. Please let us know if you have any additional questions? We are updating the community site in about a month with new categories, content, etc., so you'll see a dramatic change! Best, Eric
Thank you so much Frank. Thanks a lot.
Thanks Frank thats really helps. Sorry for not responding back as i realized there is no API for this. I am back here to ask few more questions for which i would be creating new threads
My apologies for the delay in responding. When you use a POST or PUT request to...