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Using infoblox HA pair as a Slave DNS

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Hello all!

Not sure if this is the right place to ask but here it goes.

We are using an HA pair of infoblox appliances to act as a DNS slave server.  Normaly in an idea setup we would hop on the Master's grid and everything would be fine and dandy but for business reason we cannot so we act as a regular DNS slave server as if it was an external DNS server and all works well.  At least this is the definition in our name server group.

The problem is for DR we also need to act as the Master DNS server if everything goes bad.  To act as a DNS master server we have created another name server group that defines us as a Master with external Slave.

Now the tricky part.... When you change name server group the zone data gets cleared as it should....

1- Is there any way we could still retain the zone data?

2- Is there any way the master could provide us with data that could be used at a later time?  We did try to export the data and re-import it as a CSV import but since we do not have the same infoblox setup the imports fails everytime.

Another way i was thinking is having so sort of "standby" maps that would be updated threw the master (when he's up) and that we could simply "activate" once we go Master (we would disable the slave maps).

Thanks very much for your help.


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