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REST API Not working

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Hi Experts, We are working on a quick POC to integrate InfoBlox in our project to fetch free IP and DNS records using InfoBlox REST APIs. However we are getting as { "Error": "AdmConProtoError: Invalid reference: network/Tkpd4kdvgmsPneJQZ5INXl1gnEZpd0Wvoe4:", "code": "Client.Ibap.Proto", "text": "Invalid reference: network/Tkpd4kdvgmsPneJQZ5INXl1gnEZpd0Wvoe4:" } What i did was as per API doc executed https://192.168.x.70/wapi/v2.0/networkview?_return_type=json-pretty&name=default This gives something like { "_ref": "networkview/ZG5zLm5ldHdvcmtfdmlldyQw:default/true", "is_default": true, "name": "default" } It is interesting to see we are getting EXACTLY same response as mentioned in API doc even the "ZG5zLm5ldHdvcmtfdmlldyQw" so seems this code in hardwired for a particular kind of object Now i have so many objects how would i know what this code is and how would i get it? Am i trying something completely wrong? I have no clue about API just doing some POC

I guess i got it. the API

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I guess i got it. the API docs says "The way API works in InfoBlox every object type has a reference object so as per InfoBlox document states “WAPI Objects are referenced using their Object References. WAPI returns this reference when an object is created,modified, deleted or read. This reference is used to identify the object for the same operations.” So we have to refer to particular object with object reference now we are good

Great Prateek, glad you got

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Great Prateek, glad you got it resolved.  Please let us know if you have any additional questions?  We are updating the community site in about a month with new categories, content, etc., so you'll see a dramatic change!




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