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Import Static IPs in the middle of DHCP block via CSV?

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We're using Infoblox only as an IPAM.


Traditionally we have assigned /24s to DHCP and then reserved 15 IPs at a time from that block as static IPs for our business customers.  So if I follow the same logic that we've always used, I end up with 'Unused' IPs in the pool except for those that have been carved out as static.  Those are 'used' because they've been added as hosts via CSV import.  Some of those really are in use, but some are just reserved for future assignment as statics.


So I end up with the DHCP addresses as 'Unused' and the statics 'Used', even though only some of them really are.  Because the DHCP addresses are 'Unused', they get chosen in the next_avail_ip function and the static ones don't get chosen because they're already hosts.  


So I need to know if I need to revamp my thinking, or if I can reserve the static IPs that aren't in use and assign to the reserved via the API.  I've seen where you can reserve through the GUI, and via CSV, but I'm not sure if you can use the API to assign the reserved IPs.




Re: Import Static IPs in the middle of DHCP block via CSV?

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Our sales engineer came by a couple of days after I asked this, and he got me on the right track.  I'm importing the reserved IPs as FixedAddress with a MAC of all zeroes.

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