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Apr. 09 @ 10 am PDT | AMS Infoblox and Empowered Networks: Network Automation: Using Asymmetry in

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Operating an enterprise network is a study in asymmetry. There are many more user needs, best-practice tasks, and security incidents than can be handled by your team members on a day-to-day basis. This means we, as practitioners, end up handling only the most critical problems and we’re rarely able to take the proactive actions that would make our lives easier.


“Automation” seems to be the answer, but no single word can spark a more robust conversation among team members around where to start, what to target and how to approach implementation. The benefits of leveraging automation in the network are undeniable, but these benefits can come at a cost.

If you haven’t already started using automation for everyday network tasks, you stand to benefit greatly from the operational and security enhancements an intelligently automated network can provide.

Join Infoblox and Empowered Networks for a discussion around how we can help your team get started in network automation. We’ll discuss these key concepts within the world of Network Automation: Using Asymmetry in Your Favor.


We can help you:

-Understand the value of intelligent Network Automation
-Identify what it can mean for your organization
-Identify potential places you can target to see the most impact
-Begin to put Network Automation to work for you

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