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May 21 @ 10 am PT | Why the Latest Malicious Lookalike Domain Strategies Require a Deeper Look

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In response to technical and behavioral security advances, malicious lookalike domain use is both evolving and expanding. Technologies like machine learning and Punycode have helped expose many common domain spoofing tactics, while users continue to grow increasingly adept in the methods that reveal the true URL behind embedded links. As a result, with the effectiveness of socially engineered attacks in decline – like phishing, malvertising, and targeted attacks - cybercriminals have developed several new techniques that require the attention of enterprise defenders.


With examples from the common to COVID-19, webinar attendees will learn about:

  • Key malicious lookalike building blocks: Unicode, web marketing ‘best practices’, and magic
  • How AI and automation have expanded the market for Lookalike threats
  • The lookalike application differences between consumer and enterprise victims
  • The benefits, and limits, of Punycode and other capabilities for defense
  • Best practices for proactive and reactive mitigation
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