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May 27 @ 10 am PT | The Resilient Network – Why an Integrated Security System is Essential

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Decentralization, limited interoperability, and a lack of data sharing results in network and security silos that operate without context. This is no longer a viable approach. An increase in hybrid cloud architectures only adds another level of complexity.


An integrated, cloud-based security ecosystem can drastically enhance an organization’s ability to prevent, detect, and respond to advanced threats with actionable threat intelligence.


The COVID-19 crisis exacerbates this situation, forcing network teams to make rapid decisions around enhancing their security infrastructure. With the sudden and drastic increase of WFH a highly connected and responsive ecosystem is paramount.


Join Infoblox and Empowered Networks for this timely and fifth webinar in our series to learn how:

  • Infoblox Grid data provides the context that security systems badly need but lack.
  • How to enhance existing security infrastructure with outbound alert-based notifications to automate and improve threat detection and accelerate remediation.
  • The significance of a fully integrated hybrid ecosystem in today’s security landscape.
  • Seamless dynamic workflows drastically reducing MTTI and MTTR by providing key context in an automated fashion.
  • To make use of your existing data GOLD – integrating your security pipeline with existing data sources.


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