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Technical Demo on May 14, 2019: DTC, High-Value Global Server Load Balancing

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If your network isn't available or connecting with your applications isn't immediate, how long will your customers wait? How many times will they try again before they check your competition? And what about your employees? Efficiency, effectiveness and employee satisfaction depend on fast, reliable access.
Servers and data centers can fail, and when they do, you need a way to keep applications running. The Infoblox DNS Traffic Control global server load balancing (GSLB) solution integrates with the Infoblox Grid™ to:
  • Speed application response time and web performance by automatically distributing traffic to optimal servers and data centers
  • Enable disaster recovery and business continuity
  • Reduce costs by consolidating DNS and GSLB onto a single platform
Attend the demo as part of our Tech Demo Series and learn how Infoblox DNS Traffic Control (DTC) can deliver next level GSLB functionality at a fraction of cost.
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