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The Infoblox Experts Community Gets an Update

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We are very excited to announce the availability of our new community site. The new site makes it easier for our members to get more from the community.  Here are the highlights of the change.


Find more meaningful content easily and faster


  • The number one reason you come to our site is to find the meaningful content. The new community site provides more intuitive ways to find and browse discussion topics, blogs, and articles. In addition, you will find links to related articles and discussions in different sections of the site.
  • Not only that we have introduced a new technical articles section to highlight technical contributions such as best practices, contributed by both Infoblox employees and community experts.
  • We introduced an Experts Corner, a place where you can learn more and develop relationships with our community experts. We will be introducing expert profiles and expert Q&A as part of this update.


We categorized content in the way you consume it – so you get relevant information


  • We have created specific discussion categories such as Core Networking and Security and created a framework for easier expansion into additional areas
  • We now have a dedicated support section to bring you trending Knowledge Base articles and other documentation. These are typically available only to our customers with support contracts.The site provides relevant download links to resources throughout the site


Consistent user experience across our properties


You will now see that both and the community site have the same look and feel. It is important for us to ensure you are comfortable navigating between the two sites seamlessly.  Whether that involves menu structure or the names of the discussion categories with our product naming convention.


This is a major upgrade and we are super excited about it. I look forward to hearing your feedback. You can reach us by sending an email to

Check out our new Tech docs website for latest documentation on Infoblox products.
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