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Webinar 11/9 & 11: Cyber Insurance: Optimizing Costs While Minimizing Risk

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With hybrid workplaces now the new norm and supply chain attacks on the rise, there’s an increased exposure to cyber-attacks, which can cause substantial disruption to any organization or industry. This increased exposure is forcing companies to not only invest and improve their own cybersecurity posture, but also manage third party risk and protect against cyber risks with cyber insurance. Certain best practices and technologies help reduce your risk and improve your security score while helping to keep insurance premium costs low. DNS security is one such approach that provides extended visibility, protection and security automation to improve a company’s security posture.

AMS region: November 11 at 10am PST | 1pm EST
EMEA region: November 9 at 1pm GMT | 2pm CET | 6pm IST

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