Infoblox’s global team of threat hunters uncovers a DNS operation with the ability to bypass traditional security measures and control the Great Firewall of China. Read about “Muddling Meerkat” and the many other threat actors discovered by Infoblox Threat Intel here.

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Webinar: March 30, Is the Effort to Integrate Ecosystem Security Tools Really Worth It for SecOps?

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It is an overwhelming process for the cybersecurity teams to manage dozens of security tools and deal with hundreds or thousands of alerts every day. Organizations need a modern approach to total enterprise security and be able to automate manual processes and build a security ecosystem for a faster and more coordinated response to threats. Integrating DNS security with your existing SIEM/SOAR, Threat Intelligence, Vulnerability Management, NAC, NGFW, EDR, etc. could help the security operations team gain better visibility and context around threats for a prioritized security response. Join us to learn some key tips and benefits of an efficient cybersecurity ecosystem.

AMS region: March 30 at 10 am PDT | 1 pm EDT
EMEA region: March 30 at 10 am GMT | 11 am CET | 3:30 pm IST
APJ region: March 30 at 30 am SGT | 12 pm AEDT | 2 pm NZDT

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