Infoblox’s global team of threat hunters uncovers a DNS operation with the ability to bypass traditional security measures and control the Great Firewall of China. Read about “Muddling Meerkat” and the many other threat actors discovered by Infoblox Threat Intel here.

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Webinar, Oct. 8, 2019: Stopping Ransomware: Get the Latest Insights into Ransomware Threats and the

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Ransomware threats such as Megacortext and Shade are proliferating. Fortunately, so are the security tools designed to stop them.
Join us for this timely live discussion as we reveal the latest findings from ransomware researchers. Attend and get:
  • Updates on the state of the global ransomware assault
  • Overall trends in developing and designing ransomware malware tools
  • Details of original research on malware variants, including Shade, Sodinokibi, Megacortex, Cryptomix, Ryuk, Keypass, Hermes and Grandcrab
Register now and learn to stay ahead of today’s evolving ransomware threats.
Who Should Attend: Security professionals eager for up-to-date insights on aggressive ransomware threats and the most effective strategies to thwart them.



Michael Zuckerman

Product Marketing Manager, Infoblox


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