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DNS Grid Member change

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Hello all,


I am a newbie to Infoblox so I am not sure about this and thatswhy I wanted to ask you this.


We have an authorative zone and reverse Zones (their type is also authorative). There is just the Gridmaster Set as Grid primary and I want to replace the Grid primary with a Virtual-HA. We have already implemented some hosts there.


Is there a problem when I change the Grid Primary to the Virtual-HA ? Will the Hosts still be recognised ? Can be done by simple "adding another Grid Primary" and than delete the Gridmaster as Grid primary ?


Thanks a lot guys. Mabe it sounds dumb, but I am really new in this whole area.

Re: DNS Grid Member change

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First of all, welcome to you as an Infoblox customer.


This should not be a problem.  You do need to back up your database.  This can be done by navigating to grid --> toolbar --> backup.  High availability (HA) means you have taken to appliances (hardware or virtual) and paired them together to form a VRRP relationship to present one IP address to your clients that need DNS resolution.  One of the pairs is in active mode and the other one is in passive mode, but does take in database updates from the active appliance.  When you are done with your HA configuration, restore your database and you should be fine. 

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