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An issue we have during hardware refresh or upgrades some times is one or more appliances internal clock can be off my many seconds.  I  thought under 8.6.x ntpupdate was added, but can't find in release notes or a grid already at 8.6.2.  

Is the option to force ntpupdate likely in future releases.  Not checked 9.x.x as yet.

Re: NTP Update Option

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the "synctime" command was added in NIOS-8.6.2. You need to go into maintenance mode first by executing: "set maintenancemode"

Example using bogus IP addresses:

[...]@[...] > set maintenancemode

Maintenance Mode > synctime
Configured external NTP servers:,,
If one of the servers above is reachable and a part of the list of configured NTP servers, please use that NTP server.
Enter the NTP server's IP address [Default:]:

Interesting read: Is there a way to force an "ntpdate" command? - Infoblox Experts Community

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