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In looking at the NIOS admin guide, any reset of database or everything must be done via the CLI. Sorry. Thomas
I have also found incorrect results from this request: https:// {{grid_master}}...
Hi JVoss, I have a question on similar lines. In the below code as suggested by you, if i change the status to USED or to an extrensible attribute value as status=blocked, will the api give me used ip address and blocked ip address respectively ??
v2.7.1 of the API and could use the Body Request to combine the A/PTR creation....
So when a range is wanted to select a range within the subnet, it seems you can...
Hi, You can export fixed addresses within a given network using the below WAPI ...
Hi, I can not check it on NIOS 6.12& 7.0 but member:dns is definitely available starting 7.1. Vadim
look in the api guides for 'ipam statistics' and 'dhcp statistics'
A kicker that gets me when extracting a possible large number is the max limit, &_max_results=1000 With curl it's then handy to use -o filename.txt which can then be processed by scripts.
There is a snmp string that you can pull that has this info in it. The ibgraph bloxtools application pulled this and graphs it. I used that code to aleart on full DHCP scopes in our infrastructure.